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How to Write the Introduction [by David Evans]

全球发展中心高级研究员Evans博士分享的摘要写作经验,写的很棒,共享收藏之。原文标题为”How to Write the Introduction of Your Development Economics Paper“).

You win or lose your readers with the introduction of your economics paper. Your title and your abstract should convince people to read your introduction. Research shows that economics papers with more readable introductions get cited more. The introduction is your opportunity to lay out your research question, your empirical strategy, your findings, and why it matters. Succinctly.

Various economists have provided advice on how to write an introduction. Keith Head gives “The Introduction Formula”: (1) the hook: attract the reader’s interest, (2) the question: what your paper does, (3) antecedents: what work you build on, (4) value-added: how you add to the work you build on, and (5) roadmap of the paper.

Claudia Sahm provides related advice: (1) motivation, (2) research question, (3) main contribution, (4) method, (5) findings, (6) robustness check, and (7) roadmap of the paper.

How does this play out practically? I identified the most recent empirical microeconomic development papers from a range of top journals, including the American Economic Review (AER), the Quarterly Journal of Economics (QJE), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (AEJ: Applied), and others. Then I outlined the introduction of each paper: What do the authors do in paragraph one? What about paragraph two?

Here’s what I learned.

文献阅读: Agricultural Productivity and Structural Transformation


引文信息:Bustos P, Caprettini B, Ponticelli J. Agricultural productivity and structural transformation: Evidence from Brazil[J]. American Economic Review, 2016, 106(6): 1320-65.


Date: 26-03-2018

GMM Method


Tips for paper writing

Manuscript structure

Words differences(ongoing)

In particular“ is an idiomatic expression that means “in distinction from others” or “specifically”. This expression usually refers to nouns and is set apart by a comma when it occurs at the beginning of a sentence or a phrase.
Particularly“ means “in detail” or “to an unusual degree”. It is an adverb, and as such it can be used to modify a verb, an adjective, or another adverb but not nouns. It is not set off by a comma from the rest of the sentence.

Engines of Liberation


Log transform with O

Variables log-transform is a common method to obtain the elasticities or a requirement such as estimating a Cobb-Douglas or translog form production function. However, when we encounter the zero-valued observation, what should we do? Because log(0) is undefined.


一款趁手的文献管理软件,绝对可以让论文写作事半功倍。由于主要工作是在Windows 平台下完成,所以今天想说的也限于Windows平台。

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