Mendeley issue

Mendeley issue

MS Word(version: 16.21.190108) 终于适配了macos mojave的暗黑模式,看起来确实不错,也更能沉浸写作。但我在更新两天后就回滚了回去,由于在新Word中无法使用Mendeley插入文献。虽然不舍暗黑新版本,但只能提交一个issue,静待Mendeley更新。


According to our Development Team, Mendeley plugin does not work yet with MS Word-Mac 16.21 and above and they are working very hard to catch up with Mac MS Word updates/releases but we did not provide a specific time frame on when they can release a version that will work with Mac MS Word 16.21 and above. ——Mendeley


  1. Uninstall your Mendeley MS Word plugin
  2. Uninstall your Mendeley desktop
  3. Uninstall your MS Word
  4. Restart your PC/Mac
  5. Reinstall MS Word 16.20


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